About the Club

Newmarket Road Runners was founded by Andy Horton and Marlene Sykes, two local runners with a desire to share their love of the sport while helping others achieve their goals. Runners of all abilities can benefit from the shared education, motivation and camaraderie afforded by running with a club and we aim to provide a fun and supportive environment to do so. We believe that the positive energy created from a group of runners can be harnessed and channeled to make a positive impact on the community in which it operates.

We strive to foster an engaging community while providing comprehensive resources for beginner and seasoned runners alike. Even solo runners or those living outside of our local area can benefit from club membership thanks to the various coaching options available.

Local runners may participate in weekly group runs including scenic and varied long run routes with aid stations as well as optional coached workouts. Members near and far can take advantage of our various coaching services and training plans – our coaches would be happy to discuss these options with you to determine the best fit. Extensive membership benefits include custom training plans, personal assessments, race preparation, nutritional advice, social events, a weekly newsletter and more. Please refer to our Services page for more details.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue promoting health, commitment, community and friendship in the spirit of running.

Giving Back

In addition to helping our members achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle, it is our mission to make a positive impact within our community that can be seen and felt by those who need it most. Not one cent of our proceeds will go towards keeping the lights on at a corporate head office, but will instead be channeled into local charities and deserving initiatives that will directly benefit residents of Newmarket and surrounding areas.

We are honoured and excited to partner with Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District. CLNAD is a non-profit, charitable organization providing support to people with intellectual disability, allowing them to reach their fullest potential while fostering a community where everyone belongs.