What Our Athletes Are Saying

“Wooooo, thanks so much Andy. I know the running was all me but honestly man, I don’t think I ever could’ve reached my physical goal if it wasn’t for your help, I truly mean it!! YOU helped me get hired [by the Police] dude and I am so f* thankful. I owe you a pint! And under no circumstance will I give you a speeding ticket!!! -Mathew W (2020)

“This cycle is different in large part to the training plan provided.  I recover quicker, feel stronger and my confidence is way up.  Really appreciate the real time feedback I get after every run.  I also have to acknowledge many others including friends and members of the club who constantly offer advice and provide inspiration with their own runs.  Kudos to Marlene and the entire Newmarket Road Runners Club for making this time different.” –Perry D. (2020)

“I somehow managed to hang on and get to about 19K where I knew Andy and Marlene were just ahead and I was so close that I could do it. I also realized that if I maintained current pace, I was going to run a 1:23! I got a good boost passing Andy and Marlene – Thanks for cheering – and got myself across that finish line in 1:22:47 a huge new PB and an 11 minute betterment over last year. Thanks to everyone for coming out and cheering and all your support in training. Marlene – you rock, your training plans and coaching have been absolutely amazing.” –Scott B. (2020)

“Thanks so much to the two of you for your kind words!!! I loved the training plan, it completely prepared me for this run!! I think I’ve built a great foundation, I know the things to do and not to do when training, and now I’ve got experience what it’s like to train the right way for a 5k. I’m happy with the progress I made. The last time I ran a 5, it was an unofficial non-chipped race but I ran 21:13 and it was 5 degrees out (perfect running weather). To shave off 53 seconds off my previous record while battling a prior injury and running at around 18 degrees was awesome!!” –Jordan H. (2020)

“I’ve seen a huge improvement in my speed since I’ve started training with you guys.  Yesterday I was running with an injured hip and I managed a smooth 1:43:12.  My last half marathon before joining NRR was a 1:56:06!  What an improvement.” Kelly F. (2020)

“This was my best race ever. Even though I didn’t feel confident about it my execution of this race was the best I’ve ever had and I owe it all to my training and my coaches. I really love our NRR spirit, I love how we all support and hold each other up. We learn from each other, grow together and laugh at ourselves with each other and I think that’s really special. I know it’s corny but I’m always in awe of the relationships I’ve formed just from running.” Hilary M. (2019)

“I am probably still on a high from the race today. That said, I am humbled by how many people helped me reach my goal because on my own, there’s no way I would have accomplished this! Whether it’s Thursday track nights or Sunday long runs with all you Road Runners, I was always learning something new and getting new insights along the way. You all are such amazing people that have helped me so much. And then there was Marlene who created and was constantly tweaking my awesome race plan and keeping me in line. Thank you so much for everything – believe in the plan. It works! What an amazing experience it has been training for and running a marathon.” Scott B. (2019)

“I came across Newmarket Road Runners and haven’t looked back since it was the best decision I ever made! Very grateful for the support and attentive training I’ve received, she’s always so supportive and always executing an excellent plan of action when things don’t go as originally planned. Training was hard but I loved every second of having a planned workout to achieve my goals!” Laura S. (2019)

“To reach competitive goals you need coaching and support and you all know that is what you get with Marlene and Andy.” Doug M. (2019)

 “I ran across the finish line in 2:02:40 which is a fantastic time for me and well under the 2:15 goal I had set for myself when I first decided to run a half marathon. I was really happy with how well I ran the race and can’t thank Marlene and Andy (and everyone else I trained with this cycle) enough for all of their help and encouragement in getting me to the finish line of my first half marathon.” Jen R. (2019)

“Thanks to all the NRRs near and far for the motivation and running company! And of course, thank you to Marlene and Andy for being wonderful coaches. You are all so inspiring and because of people like you, I was proud to wear my NRR shirt for the first time during a race this past weekend. To many more!” Lindsay H. (2019)

“For me, these races are all about our amazing NRR team.  I loved being able to hang around after and chat with everyone to find out how they did – good stories and bad. Being part of this group makes me a better runner for sure. But it also makes me love running more than I already did. THANK YOU to everyone who was running, cheering or thinking about us yesterday. You guys have no idea how important, inspiring and fantastic you are!” Kate L. (2019)

“Thank you for all the support from the newmarketroadrunners!  Coming back into the running world after some time off was intimidating and I didn’t know how strong I would be.  And not being able to make any of the Wednesday trainings, I worried I would trail behind.  But, there wasn’t a time where I didn’t feel supported or encouraged and even through some of the coldest training runs, I enjoyed them all!” Lisa W. (2018)

“Just a quick note to thank you, again, for all of your amazing coaching this summer and fall.  I got off to a rough start, and your confidence in my ability to make that half-marathon happen, despite a tight training period, was amazing.  Knowing that someone was keeping an eye on my progress, and reviewing my results after each run was extremely motivating.  You were very good at pushing me, while just being so darned nice and enthusiastic throughout it all.” Karen W. (2018)

“I want to thank you all for your continued support and mostly I would like to send a huge hug out to my coach Marlene, who believed in me, and more importantly helped me to believe in myself., and having the faith to trust myself and push myself.  PB (a great bonus!) or not, this is my best take away from this race.  Thank you so so much.” –Jen B. (2018)

“Coaches Marlene, Andy and Mark; your knowledge and writings on the science of running, the physiology of running, the philosophy of running were second only to the pure passion you all obviously have for the joy of running!” Debbie F. (2018)

“I was feeling good and strong today. I went to see the chiropractor who did an assessment on my back, hips, legs, calves and all the running parts. Some soreness and tightness that he could work through, but overall no issues. What you have been telling me to do and what I’ve been doing is working. Thanks for being a great coach and I look forward to seeing where we can take this body.” Julie I. (2018)

“Just dropping the coaching team a note to let you know I really appreciate what you do. You may have noticed that speed is not my goal, but training certainly is and enjoying the group is a plus. Running keeps my mind clear and I always feel better after the run.” Jose K. (2018)

“Stellar race report, Coach Andy! Not sure if I have ever read such emotional reports from everyone for a single race. Very very proud of what your business has done for our group. Congrats on being a great coach and still running a great race… hard thing to do.” Micki R. (2017)

“Jelly Bean 5K was the best organized race I have ever run. Also ran a new PB of 21:19 even in the 70-74 age category.” Pat K. (2017)

“This was my first time running ATB and from 19km and up along North Shore Blvd. is where I started to have the most fun. I didn’t notice the rolling hills that much, our hilly Sunday runs had trained us so well for this. It was truly an amazing day and I had a total blast! Is it too early to sign up for ATB 2019? Big thanks to the coaches and my fellow runners for your endless support.” Jodi T. (2017)

“When I met up with my coaches after the race, we looked at my watch together and saw numbers I never thought I would ever see…. 1:00:29!!!  I knew it was almost a 5 minute PB and I was just so darn happy to finally have a good race. I was able to push through paces I never thought I was capable of.  Moreover, I finally felt part of a team and squad.  I felt so supported and it was such a positive experience.  I had a grin on my face for most of the race. Thanks so much Newmarket Road Runners!” Jennifer B. (2017)

“I did it!  There were so many emotions as I crossed that finish line of my first marathon.  Thank you Coach Marlene for patiently adjusting my plan throughout the season and re-assuring me that I still had time to get the necessary training in.  With the ups and downs of an injury and sickness, you kept me on track to meet my goal.” –Kelly S. (2017)

“Thank you to Coaches Marlene, Andy and Mark and to all the Newmarket Road Runners. This group is a beauty! You have made me a runner.” –Monica R. (2017)

“Congratulations to all Newmarket Road Runners who ran Erie Marathon and achieved amazing results. Thanks so much to the best running coaches and friends ever who supported us during training and the race, making that day unforgettable.” –Sholeh H. (2017)

“I’m feeling better than ever since signing on with NRR, reaching fitness levels I have not experienced in many years and with less wear-and-tear too.  The simple change of not treating every run like a race is having a major impact – I feel less knackered after all of them and I am better able to push the boundaries during prescribed workouts. Sunday long runs are getting easier and easier, even as they get longer and hillier.” –David B. (2017)

“What has built me up more than anything is being accepted by the NRR coaches and community. I’ve never felt like I was looked down on because I am slower and I’ve never felt unwelcome. There’s no attitude on this team and I have to thank everyone for making me believe I belong in a group where runners are achieving PBs and BQs, and that maybe I am capable of doing that too.” –Chrissy S. (2017)

“I really wouldn’t be progressing so well without a coach. There have been times I know when I wouldn’t have run so often or so far.  I don’t want to sound conceited, but I am so proud of what I am achieving, and because I have gained it through hard work and determination I do feel I am justified in saying so.  Running gives me so many things, but the best of all is the freedom to just be myself, when I put on my running shoes and head out down the lovely country lanes, I feel like the luckiest person alive.” –Helen S. (2017)


“Thank you very much for your ever-present support this training cycle. Thank you also for going above and beyond to comment on all my runs. Your encouragement was very much appreciated. I am so happy to have built up to a half marathon distance. In the “not so distant” past, I’d bump into other runners who were out for 16k runs. At the time, I couldn’t fathom that for myself. I felt all the training throughout the cycle helped me today. I felt strong. Training with you is most definitely one of the most positive things I’ve done during this difficult year. I suspect that other Road Runners feel the same about all your hard work. ” -Lynn B (2020)

“Thanks so much to the two of you for your kind words!!! I loved the training plan, it completely prepared me for this run!! I think I’ve built a great foundation, I know the things to do and not to do when training, and now I’ve got experience what it’s like to train the right way for a 5k. I’m happy with the progress I made. The last time I ran a 5, it was an unofficial non-chipped race but I ran 21:13 and it was 5 degrees out (perfect running weather). To shave off 53 seconds off my previous record while battling a prior injury and running at around 18 degrees was awesome!!” -Jordan H (2020)