Membership Options

1-on-1 Coaching

$80/month (no minimum commitment)
$800/year (two months free with one-year commitment)

Includes a custom, goal-oriented, dynamic training plan and race plan(s) designed specifically for the individual athlete. This includes a high level of coaching engagement with an initial assessment, unlimited coach access, feedback on all workouts and ongoing monitoring with adjustments based on results, lifestyle and any setbacks which may arise.


Cycle-Based Training – Custom Plan 


Includes a custom, goal-oriented training plan (up to 18 weeks) and race plan designed specifically for the individual athlete. This includes an initial assessment, unlimited coach access and feedback on some workouts, however the plan will not be subject to adjustments throughout the training cycle.


Includes a more generic training plan (up to 18 weeks) for the goal race of your choice with detailed instructions and pace guidance for each workout. You will have access to our experienced coaches throughout the training cycle to help guide you toward achieving your goals.

Coached Group Runs

Local runners who subscribe to any of the above coaching options are invited to attend coached group runs every Wednesday (winter months) or Thursday (summer months) and Sunday. Details for each run will be outlined in the weekly newsletter, to include a workout (i.e. speed intervals, LT, tempo, race pace, time trials) on Thursday and fully supported long run with aid stations on Sunday (various distance options provided). In addition to these organized group runs, our members often connect with others via our Members-Only Facebook Group to arrange extra-curricular runs.

Our coaches use the Final Surge, a comprehensive web-based coaching and training platform, to facilitate and monitor plans and results in order to maintain a high level of accuracy and efficiency. The program is free to members, user-friendly, available in desktop or app format and will upload from your watch automatically via Garmin Connect or Strava.